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Frequently asked questions

  • Do I Have to Make Home Modifications for My Senior?

    There are hidden hazards in homes that can put seniors at greater risk of injury and make their lives a little more challening. Making home improvements doesn’t have to break the budget though with these Home Modification for Seniors tips.

  • Can a Reverse Mortgage Help Pay for In-Home Care?

    Reverse mortgages were introduced by the government to help seniors stay in their home until they pass. These types of loans are only available to those who are 62 and older, and can indeed be used to pay for in-home care. However, this loan also comes with certain limitations. For example, the original bank that offered the loan must be paid back before a chunk of the reverse mortgage is paid. Therefore, it would be wise to consult with a bank or broker to determine if using a reverse mortgage to help pay for in-home care is the right route.

  • Does Long-Term Care Insurance Pay for In-Home Care?

    Yes. Many Long-Term Care insurance companies reimburse By Your Side clients for the services they receive. By Your Side will work directly with the insurance companies to assist clients with this process.

  • Can You Use a Collective Sibling Agreement to Pay for In-Home Care?

    If you are close with your siblings and your parents are no longer able to care for themselves, coming together to figure out how to pay for in-home care will allow you all to do less worrying. However, even if there is no “official” documentation involved with doing this, you all need to be clear about what you are able and unable to pay. If one of you decides to care for your parents and expect some reimbursement, you need to log your hours, as well as maintain receipts and invoices. While all of you coming together to pay for in-home care should be easy, there might be some tension and disagreement down the road, if someone’s bank runs dry. So, discuss a second option in the event that your “Collective Sibling Agreement” happens to end.

  • Is It True That Veterans Benefits Can Help You Pay for In-Home Care?

    It is true that Veterans Benefits can help you pay for in-home care. However, the process to acquire Veterans Benefits can be time-consuming. It needs to be proven that your loved one was active for more than ninety days, received an honorable discharge and they must have documentation from their doctor that says he or she is unable to care for themselves. If you need any help proving that your loved one is eligible for Veterans Benefits, you can reach out to Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs).

  • Using Life Insurance to Help Pay for Your In-Home Care.

    If you and your loved one determine it is in your best interests to use his or her life insurance policy to help pay for in-home care, this is certainly doable. Although doing this is not without its hurdles, most of the time those who decide to do this will acquire the money quickly. Typically, the way in which you can acquire the money is through having your loved one sell the policy back to the insurance company for half of what it’s worth. If the company does not buy it back, there are others out there that will and will also pay the premiums until your loved one passes away.

  • What is By Your Side Home Care?

    Affordable in-home care for seniors, individuals with disabilities and post-hospital patients- that’s what By Your Side Home Care is all about. By Your Side Home Care is dedicated to referring the highest-quality caregivers who provide clients with personalized compassionate supportive care. This allows clients to remain independent in their own homes while receiving affordable personalized 1-on-1 assistance. By Your Side Home Care has over 180 highly-screened, dedicated caregivers in its registry and, to date, has provided caregivers to thousands of Lancaster and York County families. By Your Side Home Care prides itself on maintaining the comfort, independence and safety of the clients they service, it is the cornerstone of our commitment.

  • What kind of duties will By Your Side Home Care’s referred caregivers perform?

    By Your Side Home Care’s referred caregivers are ready to help where and when help is needed most. In addition to hands on personal care, such as bathing and dressing, caregivers regularly assist with:

    Clients can schedule caregivers from 3 to 24 hours a day, and 1 to 7 days a week.

  • How are Caregivers screened?

    At By Your Side Home Care, we are as concerned about the quality and reliability of referred caregivers as you are. Our reputation and our client’s satisfaction and safety depend on it. That is why we have developed what is probably the most stringent interviewing and screening process in the field of professional home care.

    After our initial phone pre-screening of each prospective caregiver, we begin our formal process with a one-on-one interview. We spend at least one hour getting to know them, making sure they are someone we feel confident sending into a home of a loved one.

    Next we asses their skill levels and experience and, when necessary, the candidate undergoes a written competency exam designed to assess their knowledge and competency in the field of home care.

    A minimum of 4 references are checked personally, involving oral discussions with the designated reference regarding the candidate’s experience, honesty, past behaviors, etc.

    • Pa criminal background and or FBI are run on each caregiver.
    • Caregivers must complete state required Health screening.
    • Department of Motor Vehicles check is run
    • Sexual Offenders checks are performed
    • A drug screen is performed

    After successful completion of the screening process, caregivers are carefully matched to the needs of clients. What’s more, the By Your Side Home Care office performs routine follow-up calls to clients and, if requested, home visits to assure your continued satisfaction with the caregiver referral.

  • What happens if I’m not satisfied with my caregiver?

    We go to great lengths to provide caregivers that best fit a client’s personalized needs. On occasion, however, a caregiver may fall short of the client’s expectations. Should this happen, you should contact the By Your Side Home Care office immediately. A suitable replacement will be found as soon as possible.

  • How much does By Your Side Home Care Cost?

    The unique structure of our business allows By Your Side Home Care to keep its overhead low, and therefore pass these savings on to you. Upon comparison with similar agencies, your total cost of care is well below average. Thus, you receive the best care available at an affordable price.

    Clients pay their caregivers directly, based on rates that are negotiated by both parties prior to the start of care. By Your Side Home Care supplies rate ranges for caregiver services in your area.

    A separate fee is paid to By Your Side Home Care to cover the administrative tasks performed for clients. These fees vary due to a variety of factors, including the number of hours requested and care option levels. Total fees paid are regularly well below the national average for home care services.

  • How do I arrange service with By Your Side Home Care?

    Call us today to discuss your service needs. We can be reached in Lancaster at 717-394-5111 and in York at
    717-600-8600. One of our helpful placement coordinators will answer your questions in complete detail and, if desired, schedule an in-home visit for further review of your circumstances.

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