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How to Tell If Home Care Is the Right Option for Your Loved One

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Instead of moving into a nursing home or an assisted living community, many individuals, whether they are seniors or physically challenged, prefer to live at home for as long as they can. While there is no denying that residing at home is the better choice for those who need some/little assistance with going about their daily lives, those who need more than just “some” help getting tasks done, cooking food, or getting from place to place, might also find a lot of benefits from having an in-home caregiver aid them at certain times throughout the day.

Therefore, if you are trying to decide if having a non-medical home caregiver is the right option for your loved one, consider the following:

The home’s location and where it is in regards to loved ones and friends.

Does it take a lot of driving to visit loved ones or friends? If being with friends and family is important to your loved one, and he or she has trouble driving for longer periods of time, considering an in-home caregiver is ideal. Plus, not only will a caregiver ensure your loved one arrives at social events safely, but the individual will also assure that your loved one does not miss them.

The size of the home.

Does your loved one’s home have several floors and lots of steps that may cause them to lose their breath or footing? Are there many rooms that require constant upkeep? If the home is high maintenance, and you believe that your loved one may be at risk, an in-home caregiver can help to guarantee their safety by maneuvering around the home to acquire anything that your loved one needs. Also, he or she will have someone there to guide them from room to room, if help is needed.

Support for your loved one.

Do you (or other members of your family) live close enough that you can rush out to your loved one’s home in case something bad happens? Or, do you have enough free time to check on him or her? If you are uncertain about whether or not you can help your loved one in times of need or think that you will be unable to check on him or her more than once a week, it is wise to have an in-home caregiver. Like we mentioned numerous times already, an in-home caregiver will make certain your loved one is safe, and that he or she has support when doing any daily tasks.

As an assisted living company that has been placing caregivers in Lancaster, PA, and York, PA, homes for years, we know the importance of making sure your loved one has everything they need to stay happy and healthy. To learn more about the benefits of using an in-home care service, or some more guidance on how to determine if it is right your loved one, reach out to us today.

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