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Quiz: Do Your Parents Need In-Home Care?

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Deciding if your elderly parents or loved ones need in-home care can be difficult. We’ve designed the By Your Side in-home care quiz to help people evaluate whether their parents need support— and the level of care that will best meet their needs.

Take our quiz for a recommendation on whether your loved ones could benefit from in-home care.

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Our quiz is not a medical endorsement or a substitute for a phone consultation. Contact us to set up a consultation now.

How an In-Home Caregiver Can Help

We designed our in-home care quiz to help people find the services that their parents may need to stay in their own home. While aging in place is becoming an increasingly popular strategy compared to nursing home life, your elderly loved ones might need some help. Even if your parents have restrictions and limitations, they can still live safely and successfully on their own thanks to support from a caregiver.

Since everyone is different and the demands of every household are different, the difficulties your loved ones experience while living alone can differ as well. Fortunately, By Your Side Caregivers are able to provide range of important non-medical duties.  That’s why our in-home care quiz covers such a broad range of topics.

  1. Around the House
    If your loved ones need help with the physical requirements of maintaining a household, our caregivers can perform a wide variety of simple and complicated chores. In addition, our caregivers can also cook full meals for your loved ones.
  2. Manage Appointments & Medications
    If your loved ones need help managing their schedule of doctor appointments and remembering to take their medication, our caregivers can assist them. However, our caregivers are not Licensed RN’s or LPN’s and legally cannot give injections or administer medication.
  3. Additional Comfort & Increased Life Quality
    By Your Side caregivers are there to make your loved ones more comfortable in whatever way they need. Our experienced In-home caregivers can perform personal tasks like toileting, dressing, and bathing your loved one.

That’s why several questions on our in-home care quiz involve issues such as bathing and personal hygiene. Essentially, By Your Side in-home caregivers do anything and everything to ensure your parents can continue to live comfortable, fulfilling lives.

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The Purpose of our In-Home Care Quiz

We designed our in-home care quiz to help non-experts identify the patterns and signs in their parents’ behavior that suggest home care might be a beneficial solution. Different from a traditional patient intake form, we are asking about signs that you’ve heard or observed during normal interactions with your parents.

If you feel that in-home care might be a solution for you and your loved ones, contact By Your Side for a complimentary consultation about your loved and their condition.

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Price of In-Home Care with By Your Side

The mission of By Your Side is simple yet important: we provide extraordinary home care at affordable rates. We believe that every person deserves to receive skilled and compassionate care in their home, at a price they and their family can comfortably afford.

Since nursing homes and other in-home care companies can be prohibitively expensive, we make it our mission to offer more favorable pricing without ever sacrificing caregiver quality. Instead, we are able to offer lower prices by reducing our overhead and passing those savings onto you.

Explore our home care prices.

Meet By Your Side In-Home Care

Whether our in-home care quiz opened your eyes or if you were already contemplating arranging home care for your loved ones, we’re more than happy to help. If you want to get a feel for the experience of working with a By Your Side caregiver, read our long list of testimonials.

If you have any questions about your in-home care quiz results or are ready to start the conversation, give us a call today!


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