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Home Care is Important Now More Than Ever

A recent national poll conducted by the American Association of Retired Persons revealed that over 76% of participants, 50 years and older, prefer to age in their current homes or communities — as a result […]

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Recognizing the Family Caregiver

It is common for family or close friends to become caregivers for their loved ones as they age. These unpaid caregivers play a necessary role in their loved ones’ ability to stay in their own […]

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Apply for Handicapped Parking

As our loved ones age, they may find that their world shrinks, especially if they have trouble getting around. This can lead them to socially isolate themselves and lose interest in life. So it’s important […]

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Positive Aspects of Aging

As our loved ones age, we tend to focus our time and energy on what is wrong or could go wrong. We worry about their physical and mental health, safety, and finances. We might have […]

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The Benefits of Seniors Owning a Pet

There are many ways a senior can improve their quality of life. Participating in activities and hobbies that they enjoy. Exercising to keep their bodies in shape and stay mentally sharp. Forming social contacts to […]

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