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Choosing a Gift for Elderly Loved Ones

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No matter if it’s a holiday, birthday, or just because, many of us get joy from giving the perfect gift to those we love. But, coming up with gift ideas for elderly family members or friends can be a struggle for many people. Most seniors have downsized and don’t have the room for or want more things.

Here are some helpful tips for choosing gifts for our elderly loved ones:

  • Sometimes, experiences make the best gift. Consider tickets to a museum exhibit or garden display. Make it a day out with lunch and transport and more great memories.
  • Listen when they mention things they would like or need. Make notes so you’re not trying to remember a week before you need to purchase a gift.
  • Do they have any hobbies? Pay attention to how they spend their time, what music they listen to, or books they enjoy reading.
  • Have they mentioned something they need or would like to buy for themselves? There might be something that needs replacing in their home. Maybe they expressed interest in an item that they wouldn’t buy themselves.
  • What kind of help might they need? The elderly may need help around the house, with shopping, transportation, and more. Give the gift of your help or hire the appropriate people.
  • Consider giving a practical gift such as a basket filled with the food they like or soaps and lotions that they use. These don’t sound like much, but the best gift is the one that is used and enjoyed.
  • Sometimes instead of buying things, the best gift can be your time. That could include helping do chores around the house or just spending time visiting and talking. Also, don’t forget how important a gift of phone calls, emails and, even letters can be to an elderly loved one.

If you still need help, there are many sites that offer gift ideas for the elderly. Here are just a few:

Once you have chosen the perfect gift, you will want it to arrive on time and undamaged. Make sure that you:

  • Pay attention to cut-off dates for online orders. This year, they are early. Or, shop local!
  • Ship early if you are not able to give the gift in person.
  • Use the correct packaging.
  • Track your package.

Let By Your Side give you the gift of peace of mind. Contact us to discuss how we may help in the care of your loved one.

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